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Welcome Back!

Bienvenidos!  Welcome!

For the first few days we will focus on PBS, class procedures and learning Spanish names. 

Spanish Class   Schedule 
1st                    8:27-9:24         7th grade
2nd                    9:28 – 10:21    7th grade
3rd                    10:25 – 11:18   8th grade
Lunch/PBS      11:22-12:15

5th                    1:17-2:09         6th grade

6th                    2:13-3:05         8th grade


6th grade links

Saludos pg.16 - click on link to access information to complete pg. 16 in your Spanish packet

Central America Map - Go to online interactive maps
Song Los Numeros 1-20

Dias de la Semana song
Los Meses macarena song

Quiz - Dias y Meses

Before School Help Sessions Fall 2013

I am available for help (all grades) or for quiz/test retakes  (7th and 8th graders) on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8am-8:20am.  If you need to come in for help see me to get a pass in your planner.

September dates: 18,19,25, 26Ocotober dates: 16,17,23,24,30,31

Please check back for updates.


7th grade links

Comparative Essay Sample

Comparative Essay Rubric
Notes on Argentina, Spain & Mexico
Central America Map - Go to online interactive maps
Central America Map Puzzle
Central America Jigsaw Puzzle
Mexico Map Puzzle
Spain - topographical map
Spain map
Mexico map
South American map with capitals
South American countries and capitals
South America quiz
Caribbean Quiz

Powerpoint on los dias de la semana
Short chant and acciones for dias de la semana performed by students
Los meses macarena
Los meses pronunciation powerpoint
Plural nouns
Los numeros 1-100 (and more) with pronunciation-
flashcards 1-100 -
more on 1-100 with notes
Spanish Spanish Numeros with audio
Song Los Numeros 1-20
Games to practice 1-100 -
Number sets 100+ with an explanation
Numeros grandes con dinero$$
Song - Los Numeros 0-30

Los Numeros 100+


Ancient Mayas

Map of Mayan World

Ancient Mayas-NOVA website

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.


Como estas?

Como estas?


Extra Credit Assignments

Extra Crédito Assignments

7th and 8th grade

To be eligible for extra credit you cannot be missing any daily assignments. You will not receive credit if you have not completed missing work first.

1. Make a CD with latin/Spanish music. You must have at least 6 songs and provide titles, artist, and lyrics (if applicable). 10 points

2. Bring in a magazine/newspaper/video entirely in Spanish. Make a list of 20 cognates you found in the magazine/newspaper/video. Write a paragraph about where you found/purchased the item and a short summary of an article. 10 points

3. Find an authentic Latin American recipe and make it for the class to try. You must get your recipe approved beforehand and have a parent sign Food Borne Illness Policy. Don’t forget the utensils! 10 points

4. Create a game to practice Spanish vocabulary/grammar. Include a game board and instructions. Teach the class how to play. 10 points

5. Research an Hispanic/Spanish holiday that we do not celebrate in the US and write a 2-3 page report. Describe what they do to celebrate, history behind celebration, what kind of food they eat, etc. Include pictures if possible. 10 points.

6. Make a dictionary of all the words you know in Spanish. Decorate the cover. Include a section for each letter with at least one word in the section. Minimum of 75 words (Spanish 1) and 50 (Semester Spanish). 10 points