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Class Policies

Spanish Class Policies - Sra. Wells
After reviewing with mom/dad/guardian please sign and return signature form stapled into planner.

We follow the PBS  (Positive Behavior Expectations)
Be responsible, respectful and safe

Be Responsible:
  • Carry your planner at all times.
  • Hall passes - make sure you have materials with you.  Taking class time to get materials out of your locker is not a good use of time.  A pass may be written in your planner for emergencies.
  • Bathroom passes - use the bathroom during passing times and lunch when possible.  Two passes are allowed per card marking.
  • Complete opener activity daily.  It will be projected on screen.
  • Stay on task and do quality work.
  • Make up missed work when absent, check bin for hand outs.

Be respectful:
  • Support learning and fellow classmates.
  • Listen when someone is talking.
  • Follow directions.

Be safe:
  • Stay in assigned seat.
  • Walk at all times.
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully.

Late Work
I will accept late work with a possible 20% penalty up until 1 week before the end of the card marking.  But it is your responsibility to turn it in.
Q1 ends 11/3/14 Q2 ends 1/22/15
Q3 ends  4/2/15     Q4 ends  6/5/15
Grade Graphs
·        You are responsible for keeping track of your grades by recording your scores on an assignment sheet graph and using Mistar’s Parentconnect or Studentconnect.
·        It’s your job to make sure my score and your score match.
Binder/Folder Storage
You may leave your binder/folder in the appropriate area as long as the area remains neat.  Please label all materials with your Spanish first name and hour.  I am not responsible if materials are lost or stolen.
There are several options for getting one if you don’t have one.  There is no excuse for not being able to do your work in class.

  • check ‘road kill” bin·        
  • borrow one from a friend
  • borrow one from me pay $.25 for a new one (pencils are already sharpened!)


Welcome Back!

Bienvenidos!  Welcome!

For the first few days we will focus on PBS, class procedures and learning Spanish names. 

Spanish Class   Schedule 
1st                    8:27-9:24         7th grade
2nd                    9:28 – 10:21    7th grade
3rd                    10:25 – 11:18   8th grade
Lunch/PBS      11:22-12:15

5th                    1:17-2:09         6th grade

6th                    2:13-3:05         8th grade


6th grade links

Saludos pg.16 - click on link to access information to complete pg. 16 in your Spanish packet

Central America Map - Go to online interactive maps

Before School Help Sessions Fall 2014

I am available for help (all grades) or for quiz/test retakes  (7th and 8th graders) any morning from 8am-8:15am.  If you need to get help see me schedule an appointment.

Before school homework clinic every morning 7:55-8:15 in Room 1A.

After school homework clinic Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:15-4:15.


7th grade links

Comparative Essay Sample

Comparative Essay Rubric
Notes on Argentina, Spain & Mexico
Central America Map - Go to online interactive maps
Central America Map Puzzle
Central America Jigsaw Puzzle
Mexico Map Puzzle
Spain - topographical map
Spain map
Mexico map
South American map with capitals
South American countries and capitals
South America quiz
Caribbean Quiz

Powerpoint on los dias de la semana
Short chant and acciones for dias de la semana performed by students
Los meses macarena
Los meses pronunciation powerpoint
Plural nouns
Los numeros 1-100 (and more) with pronunciation-
flashcards 1-100 -
more on 1-100 with notes
Spanish Spanish Numeros with audio
Song Los Numeros 1-20
Games to practice 1-100 -
Number sets 100+ with an explanation
Numeros grandes con dinero$$
Song - Los Numeros 0-30

Los Numeros 100+


Ancient Mayas

Map of Mayan World

Ancient Mayas-NOVA website

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.